Material for climate education in elementary and high school

This homepage contains free and scientifically sound climate teaching materials for school children of different ages.

I have made some teaching resources which can be used with young children up to high school, depending on your personal methods and the individual classes in different subject. I you have something nice lying around at home that you would like to share for free with others you can send it to me and I will link to your homepage or upload a pdf.

It is very important to me that the children are informed truthfully on the climate crisis. It is also very significant, that the information they receive is as scientifically correct as possible. I have a master’s degree in biology from University of Copenhagen but I have worked as a schoolteacher for 15 years. I do my best to check all my sources and the newest research, and I try to make the science behind climate change comprehensible for children. Nevertheless, the climate situation is very hard to survey completely so feel very welcome to correct me if I have misunderstood something.

Welcome and good luck teaching your pupils the truth.

Regards, Hanne