Material for climate education in elementary and high school


The simple purpose of this homepage is to share free and scientifically sound climate teaching materials for schools, so that our children can be taught the truth about the climate crisis.

I work as a schoolteacher, and I find it hard to find concrete and directly usable materials for teaching about the climate crisis, especially for the younger children.

There are lots of fantastic knowledge out there, but mostly for older students and often with a lot of preparation for the teacher. I try to make materials that anyone can use without too much work.

I do have a M.Sc. In biology but I am not a climate specialist, so I just do my best to keep up with all the amazing research out there and try to translate it into something children can comprehend.

I hope you will help me spread the truth.

Regards, Hanne

A very special thanks to my colleagues Ann-Kathrine Fjord Kristensen, Mette Munkholm and Anne Leire-Hoffmann and my daughter’s friend, JakobĀ  Scriver, for reading proof of my translations.